Psychotherapy & Yoga 


I’m Steph! As a mental health and fitness professional, I’m passionate about helping others find the best version of themselves. I take a trauma-informed, client-centered, mindfulness-based approach to all of my work and aim to empower my clients through a collaborative process.

The mind and body are more integrated than we often realize. Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed your muscles get tighter? You may experience headaches or fatigue during emotionally difficult times. Often, we go about our day to day lives without recognizing the impact our mind is having on our body and vice versa. By bridging the mind-body connection we are able to live more authentically and with ease.

Through a variety of different services, my goal is to help you feel present and grounded, connected to your mind and body, and to feel great from the inside out. I believe whole-heartedly in the healing power of verbal expression (talk therapy), movement, and creativity and am excited to share in these with you.

"What the mind suppresses,

the body expresses."  





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Toronto, Scarborough, Pickering

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