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Our Mission

Through a variety of different services, we take a holistic and eclectic approach to healing. Our goal is to help you feel present, connected to your mind and body, and feeling like yourself again. 

The mind and body are more integrated than we may realize. Have you ever noticed that when you’re stressed your muscles get tighter? Often, we go about our day to day lives without recognizing the impact our mind is having on our body and vice versa. By bridging the mind-body connection we are able to live more authentically and with ease.

"What the mind suppresses the body express"

Our Story

Therapy, movement, and creativity have immensely impacted my life and helped me through some of my most difficult times. I have also had the pleasure of witnessing these same changes in others through my work professionally. I am now passionately on a mission to continue to share in these incredible modalities with others and to help them too, to find a better quality of life.

At a young age, the arts sparked my interest in understanding human emotions, and taught me of the power that self-expression and storytelling can have. My work teaching fitness classes for over a decade enhanced the desire to further my love of helping people. Both the arts and fitness unknowingly led me to become a therapist... and it just felt right. In 2020 I opened Steph Paolucci Wellness and have since expanded to the incredible team you see today. We are a dedicated group of therapists who are passionate about the work we do. We hope to be a part of this journey with you!


Our Team

Our Services


  • Secure video sessions

  • Phone sessions

  • Walk & Talk Therapy

  • Therapy + Yoga add-on (virtual)

Low Cost Therapy

  • Secure video sessions

  • Phone sessions

Facilitated by our master's interns.


  • Therapy + Yoga add-on (virtual)

  • Virtual private sessions

  • Virtual group classes


  • Yoga for Mental Heath

  • Expressive Arts

  • Corporate wellness



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Serving clients in the GTA and virtually across Ontario.

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